Our 5 Star Reviews


"Very happy and thankful to Enna Bridal for helping me to find my perfect gowns for my Wedding day. The staff is very professional and patience when serving me! "


"A big thank you to Ryoko for assisting and facilitating our Big day. Their gowns are beautiful and the service are top-notch. Highly recommended!"


"I went to a few bridal shops before settling for Enna Bridal. Really like their gowns and great service. One of the plus point is that they also have inhouse Guo Da Li expert who advise us on the Guo Da li procedures! Truly a one-stop service shop."


"Special mention and thanks to Ryoko for her warmth and advice. The gowns are of exceptional quality!"


"Was referred by a friend to Enna Bridal for pre wedding shoot. Impressed by the friendly staff and great value for money package. Never regret engaging their service!"


"Highly recommended services and staff, especially Ryoko. Value for money and excellent services."


The staff from Enna Bridal is friendly and is not pushy type. During our visit, they never hard sell and let us tried many pieces of gowns. Overall the service and quality of the gowns excellence! Strongly recommended!"


We are very thankful to Ryoko and team for their great service and professional advice. Definitely would recommend them to our friends for their 5 Stars services!"


"You guys are great! We got a good deal for the bridal package and Guo Da Li package. Good quality and Great Service! This one-stop service really saved us a lot of hassle."


"Enna Bridal was a complete one-stop-shop for me. It was the first and only bridal store I went to, and I’m so glad I didn’t bother going anywhere else! The staff is knowledgeable about the gowns and friendly making the entire experience fun and relaxed."

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